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We must stand against all who try to divide us with hatred and bigotry," Patrick said.
The only way to counteract that is for the majority of Americans to stand up and loudly repudiate such bigotry whenever and wherever it occurs.
According to a written statement, during its last meeting, the media complaints commission looked into the recent situation regarding the Enosis (union with Greece) referendum and the involvement of a section of the media in cultivating a climate of hate and bigotry.
All we wanted to do was put up this 'Fighting Bigotry with Delightful Posters' campaign where we were spreading hilarious messages about Muslims while promoting 'The Muslims Are Coming
Bigotry means the reinterpretation of fanaticism and extremism, sometimes with reference to religious sources.
A march in Newcastle on Saturday fronted by Pegida and supported by British organisations was used to promote racial hatred, bigotry, fear and ignorance by claiming that Islam was taking over the northeast of England.
Northern Ireland has been enriched by the presence of Muslims and those of other faiths, it is a much better place than 20 years ago, but the battle to defeat bigotry goes on as long as bigots like Pastor McConnell spew their hatred and venom.
We have come a long way'' in combating bigotry, he said.
While most Republicans are inclusive and welcoming, they tolerate bigotry in their ranks out of fear of losing the votes of a few who are anti-anyone not like them.
One of the things that does provoke bigotry (on all sides) is being told that someone is bigoted/ prejudiced because they have different views from someone else and may wish to discuss those views.
Smart suits and slick presentation may create an air of respectability, but scratch the service and you will see the same old small minded prejudices and bigotry that have no place within fostering and social services.