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In both males and females bilateral symmetry has been marked during the movement of the jaw, as no visible difference is seen in the mean values and ranges between right and left sides.
Also individuals in their respective locations might have experienced developmental perturbations/noise early in life (exogenous and endogenous stresses such as low habitat quality to low genetic heterozygosity) which resulted to the observed deviations from bilateral symmetry based on the trait examined [25].
Key words: Stocking density and bilateral symmetry, logistic regression, morphological traits.
Even in these circumstances by its bilateral symmetry, if scoliosis therapeutic contribution of this type of movement is relatively small.
Feeding larvae of asteroids and holothuroids lack larval arms but still exhibit bilateral symmetry in lobes and folds of the ectoderm as well as in the arrangement of the ciliated band.
Martin Gardner's Ambidextrous Universe is almost entirely devoted to bilateral symmetry.
The compressed grooves are curved along the entire lengths thereof and are arranged in bilateral symmetry around the longitudinal center line.
And one of these is bilateral symmetry, which is how well your left side matches your right.
The split of this play in exactly half is consistent with Rastall's finding that most of the plays he examined also exhibit such bilateral symmetry.
Observing and understanding bilateral symmetry in natural forms.
By contrast, the bodies of most other animals have bilateral symmetry, in which similar parts are positioned on the left and right sides of a central axis that runs through the head and anus.
In Hegel's Aesthetics, symmetry is seen as a relatively inorganic form of nature: that of a crystal, for example (7) Higher organic forms may display bilateral symmetry, but their achievement of consciousness is reflected in the asymmetry of their viscera and other organs: "[I]n ensouled life, and higher still in the free world of the spirit, mere regularity recedes before living subjective unity.

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