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All the patients with migrated stents in our study had benign biliary disease, which is very unusual, and we did not have any case of stent migration in malignant strictures.
"Further studies are required to confirm the increase in gallbladder- or biliary tract-related events and cholecystectomy with liraglutide, and to investigate the relevant mechanisms," the authors write.
The primary aim of biliary drainage procedures in patients of obstructive jaundice is to provide symptomatic relief and biochemical improvement1-3.
Dalapathi and colleagues had observed that cholecystectomy during an index hospitalization for mild biliary pancreatitis was a far from universal practice, despite guidelines recommending early cholecystectomy.
The data collected from the patients includes personal information, presenting symptoms--typical (Biliary colic)/atypical (Vague upper abdominal symptoms), investigations including ultrasonography, Upper GI endoscopy findings biopsy reports if present.
In conclusion, the VAC system may be effective in controlling biliary leakage following gunshot injury to liver because it can treat infected wounds with large tissue loss.
The benign biliary stricture site and presumed cause of biliary stricture for each patient are summarized in Table 1.
The utility of ERCP in the treatment of biliary system parasites differs according to parasite type and intervention timing.
The 24-week placebo-controlled trial is being held across multiple countries in 111 primary biliary cholangitis patients having inadequate response to ursodeoxycholic acid.
During the operation, it was confirmed that the infant has biliary atresia and a drainage operation (Kasai operation) was then performed.
Raza, her father explained: "I noticed that Alizeh's jaundice was not subsiding and her stools were very chalky, two signs of biliary atresia, which meant she was going into chronic liver failure.
The establishment of the techniques for precision biliary surgery has resolved the key technical problems in the surgical treatment of intrahepatic bile duct diseases and has enabled biliary surgery from the extrahepatic and hepatic portal to intrahepatic bile ducts.