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Mihail Sarbusca's lensing, all cold, bilious colors during the (lay and ochry interiors at night, is invariably under cut by Petru Margineanu's score, either gentle strings or tinkly piano doodlings.
My mouth had gone dry, a tickly cough had taken on the proportions of a bilious attack and I'd become fixated on a mistake I'd once made on Real Radio when my sign-off after the Echo's regular late-morning news round-up - usually either a sober ``bye-bye'' or a jaunty ``toodle-oo'' - had come out as a cretinous ``Ba-boo
It would deprive Euro 2000 of the over-inflated talents of Michael Owen but it would take the stench of bilious nationalism out of the tournament.
So all his paintings come in institutional colors: those weird bilious greens (to calm you down); those bright-but-oddly-muted-oranges that are supposed to make you happy; the yellows that only turn up in hospitals and prisons and children's Palmer Method workbooks.
Middle-aged man who likes dressing up in stripey, bilious costumes, has a squeaky red hooter and oversized shoes.
His bilious and offensive vitriol dished out against the family of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence and ethnic minorities in general was universally condemned by all right-thinkingpeople.
The title gets repeated several times in the course of a play that has its serious-sided points to make but is at its bilious best when its characters are most wretched.
But I resent being accused of something approaching treason by the bilious Daily Mail for not being overcome with grief.
In other hands such a concept and scheme (it's called An Appointment With Mr Yeats) would be bilious, over-blown, nail-curling tripe.
There are many others, I among them, who find it absolutely appalling, and I leave places that use it with dreadful headaches and bilious moods.