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Glen Campbell's old house, where the WB's assortment of washed-up wonders convene to philosophize foolishly and bicker biliously, sports a giant, Warhol-esque canvas of its cast.
Opening with the PMT mood of Shut Your Mouth, Manson biliously railing against spouting hollow opinions, it continues to explore themes of self-protection, mortality, urban alienation and emotional fall-outs, Cup Of Coffee a quietly potent bruised picture of break-up aftershock with Drive You Home a world weary plea for emotional rescue.
Unlike Gore, whose gracious and good-natured concession speech helped smooth some of the hard feelings in 2000, Tilden remained a mystery to the end, rather biliously saying he was happy to know he had won the election, but was spared the miseries of the office--hardly a motivational speech for the thousands of supporters who had worked so hard for his election.