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Evans provides almost no representative selections from McCarthy's speech about Marshall, thus insulating the reader from the true biliousness and absurdity of the senator's attack.
And it was just the drugs, I know that now but it still happened, and you were lying down on the bed and I was sitting up just at your side and we were listening to the new Whitlams album and that song Charlie came on which is about some dead guy who shouldn't have fucking done it, it's biliousness as usual in the bedroom, and you were Bright Red Sanguine and I thought that you were dying and I said are you alright my baby my symmetry and I truly thought you would die and I was going to go with you because that's where I sit, at your side.
We do have a lot going against us at the moment - mounting debts from the festive binge, a certain biliousness complete with an expanding waistline, the prospect of coming weather grim enough to fit the forecast of a severe winter, and summer holidays too far away to offer any immediate consolation.
Instead of odd contractions and painful inversions, O'Brian dropped a word here or there or fussed the adverb to create a sense of a Scots brogue and the intense biliousness of Aubrey's personal servant Preserved Killick.
Do you have a stale brown taste of biliousness on arising?
There's a marzipan sweetness to the dizzying kaleidoscope of detailed imaging, which suggests prolonged exposure could produce the same biliousness caused by eating all the soft-centres in a box of chocolates at one sitting.
Peirce, James Makittrick Adair, a physician of the General Hospital at Bath, wrote of a female patient whose obstinate biliousness was successfully cured by Bath water (18-19, 118).
Yesterday's news that Wales is proposing to bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games brought with it a mixture of emotions: anger, nausea, disbelief, biliousness.