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There's a marzipan sweetness to the dizzying kaleidoscope of detailed imaging, which suggests prolonged exposure could produce the same biliousness caused by eating all the soft-centres in a box of chocolates at one sitting.
Peirce, James Makittrick Adair, a physician of the General Hospital at Bath, wrote of a female patient whose obstinate biliousness was successfully cured by Bath water (18-19, 118).
Yesterday's news that Wales is proposing to bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games brought with it a mixture of emotions: anger, nausea, disbelief, biliousness.
Carter's Little Liver Pills were also the perfect solution for a torpid liver, furred tongue or general biliousness while good old Beecham's Pills, still going strong today, also promised the answer to a merry and healthy Christmas and would quickly correct the organs of the digestion.