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Investigators said he bilked Nancy O'Connor, 79, by altering invoices, double billing for services and buying personal items with her money.
We tracked down one alleged bilked investor, who at first played dumb.
Two movie producers who bilked investors of more than $8 million through fraudulent movie production schemes were ordered to turn over personal assets at a hearing on Monday, including the $50 in cash the pair had in their pockets, the Department of Corporations announced today.
In the Mount Soledad case, the ACLU has bilked San Diego for an estimated $280,000.
The losses bilked an estimated 100,000 ERISA plan beneficiaries in almost 50 states out of their retirement savings and depleted funds for health benefits.
Dowie and Stodder were indicted last year by a federal grand jury on conspiracy and wire fraud charges alleging they bilked the city Department of Water and Power out of more than $300,000.
In testimony this morning before the Senate, Bruce Raynor, President of the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE), called Enron executives who bilked retirees out of billions in life savings the "People's Crooks.
An Encino man pleaded guilty to running a recycling scheme straight out of a ``Seinfeld'' episode - one that bilked California out of $2.
For months, California has laid claim to being bilked out of billions of dollars in overcharges by energy marketers and generators and Californians are one step closer to seeing refunds from the energy profiteers.
Two San Fernando Valley residents and three others were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of running a Medicare scheme that bilked the federal program for more than $20 million, authorities said.
The Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday said it had taken action against a nationwide Internet-based pyramid operation that may have bilked consumers out of millions of dollars.
District Judge Gary Allen Feess said Dowie could revive his suit if he is acquitted of charges that he bilked the DWP out of at least $300,000 over a four-year period.