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The FoI figures also reveal that across the entire West Midlands area there have been 13,970 offences of bilking since 2013, but just 960 charges brought in that time.
Another problem with bilking is people drive off at speed - putting other people's lives at risk.
These men are all wanted over bilking incidents at Merestones Petrol Station, in Acocks Green.
We're left with an occasionally diverting catalogue of lobbyist tricks, which include bilking the client, bilking the other guy's client, duping Congress, and fleecing taxpayers.
A former Fleishman-Hillard executive who became a star prosecution witness after admitting to bilking the Los Angeles DWP out of tens of thousands of dollars, was sentenced Monday to three years' probation.
Herpick and his son were indicted and pled guilty to felony charges in the US District Court in San Jose for bilking a group of Peninsula investors out of millions of dollars in a phony mortgage (Ponzi) scheme.
Officers from the Wednesbury Central and Wood Green neighbourhood team are working on initiatives with BP on Walsall Street to reduce so-called bilking - driving off without payment for fuel.
A federal judge revoked bond for a hedge fund manager accused of bilking investors ranging from NFL players to his mother out of millions after a prosecutor disclosed the suspect kept a journal in which he mused about the best place to flee.
City departments aren't even notified about people who are convicted or admit to defrauding the city, such as when former Fleishman-Hillard public-relations executives were found guilty of bilking the Department of Water and Power out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Dowie and co-defendant John Stodder, who joined the firm after Sugermen left in January 2002, are accused of bilking the DWP out of more than $300,000 and overbilling other clients.
Dowie, a former managing editor at the Los Angeles Daily News, and Stodder have pleaded not guilty to bilking the DWP of more than $300,000, and overbilling other clients.