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Carroll for a year in 1971-72, worked as a bill drafter with the Florida Legislative Service Bureau in 1971, and was a student law clerk to Dean Emeritus Mason Ladd, at the FSU College of Law in 1971.
Jefferson State Park,' and we seriously doubt it was an overzealous or misguided legislative bill drafter.
Karl Aro, NCSL's new staff chair, has 36 years of experience as a bill drafter, research analyst and a director with Maryland's Department of Legislative Services.
Malkiewich started as a legislative bill drafter in 1981 after graduating from law school.
Ask a bill drafter, a committee staffer or legislative counsel to list the principal values that guide their work, and you'll see some themes.
Previously, she served in the bill drafting office, first as a bill drafter, then as assistant reviser of statutes.
We must be personally clear about the bill's purpose and should share that objective with the bill drafter.
You really can't talk about the Legislative Reference Bureau without also talking about the 'Wisconsin Idea' and a man named Charles McCarthy," says Jack Stark, a retired attorney and bill drafter for the LRB, who has written extensively on both subjects.
One point is already clear: The Senate bill drafters hope life and annuity players will contribute about $25 billion extra over 10 years, or an average of $2.
But bill drafters ran into a problem: Lack of information about the broad population of children with special needs on Medicaid impeded them from crafting a more expansive definition, and the Congressional Budget Office, or CBO, could not estimate the costs, the aide said.
CHRONIC bill drafters are pushing the use of telehealth services.
Legal services staff are the attorneys, bill drafters and editors who write bills, revise the code, conduct legal research, review administrative rules, litigate cases, compile and publish the statutes and administrative rules, provide legal support for redistricting and committee work, and more.