bill drafter

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Jefferson State Park,' and we seriously doubt it was an overzealous or misguided legislative bill drafter.
Malkiewich started as a legislative bill drafter in 1981 after graduating from law school.
Ask a bill drafter, a committee staffer or legislative counsel to list the principal values that guide their work, and you'll see some themes.
Previously, she served in the bill drafting office, first as a bill drafter, then as assistant reviser of statutes.
We must be personally clear about the bill's purpose and should share that objective with the bill drafter.
You really can't talk about the Legislative Reference Bureau without also talking about the 'Wisconsin Idea' and a man named Charles McCarthy," says Jack Stark, a retired attorney and bill drafter for the LRB, who has written extensively on both subjects.
It isn't likely that the other five--including Russia and China--would agree to such an undiplomatic arrangement, but the bill drafters didn't address that.
But under a "perfecting amendment" suggested by legislative bill drafters, and tacked onto the bill during floor proceedings, Turner potentially extended that exemption to every politician currently serving in office - from the governor on down.
Give clear instructions to bill drafters, and examine the bills you introduce thoroughly, making sure your facts are correct.
A: The Nebraska Dental Hygienists' Association (NDHA) legislative team worked with our lobbyist and the state bill drafters to include the language we wanted.
How might farm bill drafters rewrite the rules of the fragile, far-flung economy?
House as soon as we have the bill in the proper form to go to congressional bill drafters.