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Hence, he submitted a bill of costs to be assessed by the Registrar, which was served to the lawyer.
The procedure regarding the taxation of a bill of cost between an advocate and his client is provided in the civil procedure rules, according to which the Registrar is the person responsible for the taxation, provided an application is made and served to the client so that he will have sufficient time to appear at the hearing.
The review of the bill of cost allowed by the Registrar can only be examined by the Court if an objection is made on a particular item of the bill and provided an application is made to the Court within seven daysfrom the date of the taxation.
The Company is seeking to enforce this cost order but the Company's bill of costs for a taxation hearing has yet to be listed.
Turning the pages of the detailed bill of costs further, it is possible to find a wide range of interesting data.
That is the kind of sense that was experienced at the moment of comprehension about the scale of value of the project and bill of costs for the described church in Gorica near Livno.
Invitation to tender: The Subject Of Procurement Is The Supply Of Natural Gas For Accounting Points Listed In The Bill Of Costs, For A Period Of 2 (Two) Years, In Accordance With All The Features Stated In The Bill Of Costs And Other Required Conditions Specified In The Tender Documents.
Contract award notice: the subject of procurement is rent, installation and maintenance of chemical toilets cabin resting state roads according to the bill of costs from the attachment of the tender documents.
procurement subject is necessary to offer the technical specification of the bill of costs contained in the appendix.
supply and delivery of meat, canned and prepared meat products according to the bill of costs is attached as an integral part of the tender documents.