bill of sale

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Bill of Sale

In the law of contracts, a written agreement, previously required to be under seal, by which one person transfers to another a right to, or interest in, Personal Property and goods, a legal instrument that conveys title in property from seller to purchaser.

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bill of sale

n. a written statement attesting to the transfer (sale) of goods, possessions, or a business to a buyer. It is useful to show that the buyer now has ownership and to detail what was actually purchased. A bill of sale may accompany an agreement which states the agreed-upon terms of sale, including the date of transfer, the price, timing of payment and other provisions. (See: contract)

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bill of sale

a deed transferring personal property, either outright or as security for a loan or debt; normally not required for ordinary transactions.
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BILL OF SALE, Contracts. An agreement in writing, under seal, by which a man transfers the right or interest he has in goods and chattels, to another. As the law imports a consideration when an agreement is made by deed, a bill of sale alters the property. Yelv. 196; Cro. Jac. 270 6 Co. 18.
     2. The Act of Congress of January 14, 1793, 1 Story, L. U. S. 276, provides, that when any ship or vessel which shall have been registered pursuant to that act, or the act thereby partially repealed, shall in whole or in part be sold or transferred to a citizen of the United States, in every such sale or transfer, there shall be some instrument or writing in the nature of a bill of sale, which shall recite at length the certificate of registry; otherwise the said ship or vessel shall be incapable to be registered anew.
     3. In England a distinction is made between a bill of sale for the transfer of a ship at sea, and one for the conveyance of a ship in the country; the former is called a grand bill of sale, the latter, simply, a bill of sale. In this country there does not appear to be such a distinction. 4 Mass. 661.
     4. In general, the maritime law requires that the transfer of a ship should be evidenced by a bill of sale. 1 Mason, 306. But a contract to sell, accompanied by delivery of possession, is sufficient. 8 Pick. 86 16 Pick. 401; 16 Mass. 336; 7 John. 308. See 4 Mason, 515; 4 John. 54 16 Pet. 215; 2 Hall, 1; 1 Wash. C. C. 226.

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* Provide a written statement in the bill of sale that seller is the lawful owner of the horse and legally entitled to convey ownership; (29)
As the bill of sale in the frontispiece of Mama Day states with unintentional accuracy, this is a woman "answering to the name Sapphira" (emphasis mine)--but answering to that name only when forced to do so by the conditions of chattel slavery, the intensely patriarchal institution that Sapphira resists with equal intensity.
The Navy has focused on buying cutting rights, which did not transfer with the original bill of sale. Because the old-growth is contiguous to the two lakes and creek that supply the radio station's water, the Navy has long contended that any logging of the stands would adversely affect its water resource.
Treasury Department paid $8 million for 344,577 shares of stock in One Bank & Trust at a sale conducted in Washington last week, according to the bill of sale filed in federal court.
ARCHAIC bill of sale laws, under which desperate people are loaned money at rip-off rates, need to be overhauled according to a Birmingham consumer watchdog.
Q I HAVE a 1969 Ford Cortina with the original bill of sale for "pounds 695.0s.
De Seroux is also charged with failing to give Jackson a written bill of sale including purchase prices for the transactions - a violation of California's Business and Professions code that renders the violator subject to paying damages worth three times the amount in dispute.
The short answer is that when you opened the box containing the software, you found a "License Agreement" stuffed inside, not a "Bill of Sale." Also, anytime you have downloaded software from a Web site, a License Agreement is always presented, and you generally click on a button that says "I Accept" before the download begins, thereby binding you to the terms of the license.
The exhibition also includes a bill of sale from the grocers Fortnum and Mason for 500 Christmas puddings for the men of the 7th battalion of the South Staffordshire in Gallipoli.
The climax of this chapter is not a marriage contract but a bill of sale.(22) This legal record of Brent's freedom yields not personal triumph but political outrage: