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"For you, monsieur," said Planchet, presenting the billet to the young man.
Fifty-odd boys signed on and were billeted in the main-hold, with the freedom of the deck, of course.
Rappolee explains that the billet crane operates 36 minutes an hour, which is "pretty high." The norm, he says, is about 20 minutes per hour for a billet crane.
In June last year, the pub was renamed Bensons at the Billet following another refurbishment and Marsden Inns, which took over the pub in 1996, announced that it would be seeking a buyer for the pub.
The Naval Justice School juggled billets and other resources to establish the International Training Detachment (ITD), originally just one officer.
After pressing and cooling, the billet proceeds through a sander for final sizing and is cut into finished dimensions.
To keep its engines running and its record a winning one, Cosworth has selected from Kaltenbach Inc, Columbus, IN, an SKL400-NA automatic circular saw to cut aluminum alloy billets used in the manufacture of pistons.
Kansai Billet Center has been supplying billets, half-finished steel bars, to Osaka Steel and Godo Steel Ltd., also an affiliate of Nippon Steel.
The ministry's April decision took hot rolled steel manufacturers by surprise, as they viewed it as "a favour to the integrated steel plants" and that it would expose consumers to monopoly because integrated steel plants control the billet pricing.
"Metal Exchange Corporation brings into the venture its worldwide procurement network in aluminum scrap markets, four decades of expertise from its billet casting facilities in the U.S., and strong billet sales and marketing capability," the company said in a news release.
Any change to a billet requires an MCR to be submitted.
By definition, the word billet means "a place, usually a civilian's house or other nonmilitary facility, where soldiers are lodged temporarily."