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The billet fell as he spoke, and he threw it into a basket.
However, we'll find him a billet where he can't possibly do any mischief.
If you found him a billet where I should like to see him," Surgeon-Major Thomson observed bitterly, "he would never do any more mischief in this world
The Prince looked narrowly at the superscription, and then at the seal, placed so as to secure the flex-silk with which the billet was surrounded, and which bore the impression of three fleurs-de-lis.
Recovering from the first effects of his surprise, he took Waldemar Fitzurse and De Bracy aside, and put the billet into their hands successively.
For you, monsieur," said Planchet, presenting the billet to the young man.
At length, when I was within a few days' journey of the viceroy, I received a billet in more plain and express terms than anything I had been told yet, charging me with extreme imprudence in putting myself into the hands of those men who had undoubtedly sworn to cut me off.
However, when his cool reflections returned, he plainly perceived that his case was neither mended nor altered by Sophia's billet, unless to give him some little glimpse of hope, from her constancy, of some favourable accident hereafter.
I used to have a billet at Coxon & Woodhouse's, of Draper's Gardens, but they were let in early in the spring through the Venezuelan loan, as no doubt you remember, and came a nasty cropper.
You are two friends of mine who are in want of a billet, and what could be more natural than that I should bring you both round to the managing director?
La vente des billets pour la coupe du Monde Russie 2018, a repris mardi, annonce la federation internationale de football (FIFA), sur son site internet.