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The victim was struck with the billy club during the altercation but did not suffer any serious injury, police said.
While the officer was issuing the ticket, he noticed a 2-foot long billy club in the vehicle.
Voutour's brother, Jeffrey Voutour, 45, with a billy club during the fight.
Slave manacles and an advertisement for the Underground Railroad in the Western Citizen, 1844 -- A billy club and an execution document from the 1886 Haymarket Affair -- Flyers for an anti-war dance at the Dill Pickle Club and an anti-Red mass meeting at the Press Club -- Police riot helmet worn during the 1968 West Side Riots and the Democratic National Convention -- Gay marriage protest materials
Two people were arrested on suspicion of possessing rock cocaine and one on suspicion of possessing a deadly weapon - a billy club.
Jeffery Voutour was also hit with a billy club, according police.
He faces a felony charge of possession of marijuana for sale as well as two counts of possession of deadly weapons - a martial arts throwing star and a billy club.
KCBS-TV (Channel 2) and KNBC-TV (Channel 4) were on the spot as well, and didn't do bad jobs - a KCBS cameraman even took a billy club in the line of duty - but KABC just seemed most on top of the situation.
Former Palmdale School District music teacher Wayne Martin, 42, was arrested in February 1998 for possession of a dangerous weapon - a billy club - and possession of narcotic paraphernalia, a narcotics pipe.
Instead of an aggravated assault where a fist is the weapon, it is a billy club or a baseball bat.
Deputies also seized a billy club, dagger, hatchet, a black knit cap with red insignia, hunting knife, a spray can of water repellent and cartoons of Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck wearing red bandannas.
When informed of how the disturbance began, Mandell reportedly ``nodded knowingly'' and began hitting the nearby TV set with his billy club.