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Trap-and-arrest' tactics take a billy club to the Bill of Rights in D.
Most of them had been hit with billy clubs or fallen and run over by deputies on horses," she recalls.
As for the police, they traded rubber gloves and billy clubs for rainbow flags waving from police car antennae.
Every gesture is hypersexualized--the police thump their billy clubs in their hands in anticipation and fog up their visors with steamy breath--and gains emphasis from the slowed playback.
Bur not everyone had time to do so before the "troopers and possemen swept forward as one, like a human wave, a blur of blue shirts and billy clubs and bullwhips.
Witnesses said they saw police, on foot and on horseback, use rubber bullets and billy clubs to break up crowds as rioters pelted them with bottles and set trash cans ablaze.
It was held in the same amphitheater that Hubert Humphrey was nominated in as skulls were smashed by billy clubs on Michigan Avenue and protesters chanted "The whole world is watching
The answer to the problem, according to the letter writer, was a more frequent use of billy clubs.
There are a lot of billy clubs that are going to make sure'' the reforms are completed, Romero said.
Lewis saw blue shirts, billy clubs, and bullwhips; he heard the hoofbeats of horses, the clunk of police-issue boots, the rebel yells.
Back in the early 1980s, Huffington's Texas oil company, Huffco, made eight separate shipments of torture equipment--shock batons, handcuffs, billy clubs, fingerprint kits--to the Suharto regime.
Soldiers, some with police dogs, lined both sides of a 100-foot-long corridor along wich the prisoners had to crawl, barefoot and naked, on hands and knees, all the while bludgeoned with billy clubs and beaten with the flat of bayonets and the butts of weapons.