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We told them that this has got to stop." Then, he says, there "might have been a few billy clubs swung.
'Trap-and-arrest' tactics take a billy club to the Bill of Rights in D.C.
They hit participants with their shields and billy clubs. A few excited participants began to resist them, and the meeting fell into disorder.
into custody including several blows to his head with their billy clubs, and injected him with a sedative after they had difficulty containing him.
King presented at the Lincoln Memorial, "Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, free at last." Through vicious crowds and attack dogs and tear gas and billy clubs and fire hoses, African-Americans marched with Dr.
The sisters say police used billy clubs to beat many detainees, especially young men with beards, who were told: "We'll have no damned Malcolm X around here."
LEAA granted funded billy clubs, tear gas and helmets wanted to subdue
And the police--spraying tear gas, pepper spray, wielding billy clubs, and shooting rubber bullets in defense of the corporate capitalist state--were much more violent than any of the protesters.
Armed with police-type billy clubs, guards in civilian clothes intermittently struck prisoners on various body parts, most frequently at the rear of knee joints.
"They were standing there with billy clubs, some of them in plain clothes and some in uniforms.
Many of the marchers were among the hundreds bloodied and bruised when an earlier attempt to complete the march was thwarted by state troopers and local sheriff's deputies, who attacked them with tear gas and billy clubs.
Less-lethal weapons include rubber bullets, beanbag rounds, billy clubs.