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In terms of an MSD digit and a conventional binary digit, this function will correspondingly call the subfunction C_trans, P_trans and R_trans in (4) successively in terms of each element of the operand, achieving C conversion, P conversion, R conversion and the M+B add operation.
For example, when there are two or more secrets expressed as binary digits, more possibilities are ruled out when you ask whether the sum of the secret digits is an even number than when you ask whether the first digit is 1.
m], where m--is the number of binary digits in the selected block (if we divide the packet into bytes then m = 8).
Initially the authors chose binary digits as the unit of measurement, that is, the number of 1s and 0s involved when operating those technologies.
Encoding is to convert the set of terms forming the database representative into a sequence of binary digits.
Computer programmers will explain that nothing moves in cyberspace without binary digits changing.
p=523 k1 519+509+490+507 k2 478+407+350+317+419+469 P=761 k1 758+760+753+114 k2 610+722+719+394 P=907 k1 901+900+897 k2 577+857+672+192 Table 2: The binary digits and their frequency of occurrence.
In his experiment, one person used BCI to transmit thoughts, translated as a series of binary digits, over the Internet to another person whose computer receives the digits and transmits them to the second user's brain through flashing an LED lamp.
As part of The Festival of the Mind, we will see the annual World Memory Championships at which competitors from all over the World will vye for the title of World Memory Champion battling it out in 10 disciplines such as spoken numbers, playing cards, dates, abstract images, binary digits, random words and names and faces.