bind together

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Once a successful match has been made, the outside surfaces of the sperm and egg bind together before they merge and the sperm delivers its DNA to the inside, fertilising the egg.
Prof Collins said: "This has huge ramifications "We need to find out the process which help bind together the gases so quickly, if we can, it could help us to bind together gases and materials.
Nor can we dismiss Crouch's insights into how the arts bind together seemingly diverse realities.
Make a well with the flour, add butter and sugar mix and start to bind together with your hands.
In short, unmatter is formed by matter and antimatter that bind together [1, 2].
This compound is mixed with a quantity of a particle binding agent that causes a portion of the particles to bind together.
To ensure that the DNA would spontaneously fold into the desired structure, Scripps team member William Shih first used computer software to come up with stretches of unique sequences of nucleotides, or DNA building blocks, that would bind together to form each strut.
While protein structure seems to be well-established, the way proteins stick or bind together has been a point of contention and discovery.
It is up to the band and their friends to bind together to fight for survival.
However, while the geology, orientation and vegetation of its setting have influenced the design of the house so it, in turn, has been planned to re-construct the site and establish new ecologies that bind together house and garden.
We, as camp professionals, must bind together to bring camp to more and more children every year.
The result is a scholarly, well-documented anatomy of the legal, commercial and cultural attitudes that bind together all the different elements of the process.