binding promise

References in classic literature ?
Next day, I had the meanness to feign that I was under a binding promise to go down to Joe; but I was capable of almost any meanness towards Joe or his name.
In July 2016, the firm made a "formal undertaking" - a legally binding promise - not to use Basco's baskets and dollies without permission.
73% of ANF's total number of voting rights) would be subject to the execution of a binding promise to buy and sell the legacy portfolio, which would itself be subject to the execution of a binding agreement for the acquisition of Eurazeo's majority stake in ANF.
The applicant is obliged to submit the offer as an attachment to the draft treaty binding promise from the bank regarding the provision of a bank guarantee in the event that the bidder will be contracted to the VZ.
HighTower is a national firm for elite financial advisors committed to the fiduciary standard: a binding promise to put our clients' interests first.
The Government will also issue a binding promise to buy back the asset at its par value at the end of the rental period.
The government directly guarantees the Islamic lease securities via a binding promise to buy the asset at its original (par) value at maturity.
In general, the employer makes a naked, unsecured, legally binding promise to pay future benefits, subject to all the terms of the contractual agreement.
Judge Giles found, as did the Nevada Supreme Court, that there's a difference between an invitation and a binding promise.
Government promised Scotland a referendum and as I understand it made no binding promise to act on the result.
Holders of certain types of "investment" sukuk can obtain a binding promise from a third party to purchase the sukuk, while other types of "finance" sukuk can obtain pricing guarantees from the originator.
Dungannon man McGeough contended this was a binding promise on behalf of the Stormont Executive.