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When the scientists expose the system to certain vapors, some chemicals bind to the dyes or diffuse into the polymer.
The machine takes about three minutes to heat up, and the binding process takes 30 seconds per bind. Covers cost about $1.30 each and you can find them in most office superstores.
Antibodies directed against H type 2 (19-OLE,), [Le.sup.y] (12-4LE), or A type 2 epitopes (III-2A-5) showed little staining of shellfish tissues and when positive, staining did not correspond to cells to which VLPs bind. These results indicate that oyster tissues have carbohydrates that resemble human histo-blood group antigens, but structures recognized by VLPs were not identical to those recognized by these antibodies.
Learn to use it the right way or you could damage the winch or bind the cable.
In 15:3-9, Jesus binds the commandment "Honor your father and your mother" as applicable to caring for one's parents in old age.
ATP binds in the P-loop in a manner observed in other kinases.
When certain cell-surface receptors bind a chemical stimulus, such as an opiate or a hormone, they interact with so-called G proteins.
Activated IRF3, together with NF-[kappa][beta] and AP-1, accumulate in the nucleus, bind to the IFN[beta] promoter, and stimulate transcription.
Helix 12 is particularly important because in the absence of the steroid it binds to heat shock proteins.
Brittain and her colleagues found that the integrin molecules could bind a cell to a vessel wall by attaching to thrombospondin there.
Synaptic Pharmaceutical Corporation (Paramus, NJ) has patented a process for identifying a chemical compound which specifically binds to a rat or human 5-HT.sub.4 receptor.
Intimin, a 94-kDa outer membrane protein encoded by the eae gene (14), binds to a 90-kDa tyrosine phosphorylated protein in the host membrane (15).