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RAE usually leads to ambliyopia and damaged binocular vision, as treatment is often delayed treatment.
Binocular Vision Anomalies: BOAD syndrome: Binocular, Oculomotor, Accommodative Dysfunction.
Although blurred vision is commonly caused by several vision problems such as refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism), an improper spectacle prescription or accommodative and binocular vision disorders and certain eye diseases (Anshel, 2005; Sheedy, 1992), the above-mentioned problems were ruled out during the pre-sampling visual examination.
It was found, that under binocular vision conditions, participants made more catches, less positional errors and less grasp errors as compared to monocular vision conditions.
The goshawk has binocular vision and when he looked at me as he mounted his aerial charge he knew exactly how close to come without a head-on crash.
Paediatric strabismus must be treated early to maximize the potential for binocular vision and decrease the risk of amblyopia.
The Conference will feature scientific sessions on conditions ranging from ocular surface disease, Astigmatism, binocular vision and low vision.
Specifically, Eye Openers: Exploring Optical Illusions describes the basic concepts of vision, optical illusions, binocular vision and persistence of vision.
Humans have binocular vision - two eyes set a few centimetres apart, which means that each eye sees the world from a slightly different perspective.
A stereo camera, equipped with two more lenses, enables the camera to simulate human binocular vision, giving it the ability to capture 3-D images.
It provides NHS and private eye examinations, as well as contact lenses and specialist clinics in binocular vision, paediatrics and low vision.
First, Tyrannosaurus rex might well have had excellent binocular vision and been a predator, but still have had a handicap for the detection of motion as my eats do.