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Similarity matrices were generated using Euclidean distance for the biochemical profiles.
The CBC and biochemical profile showed similar patterns for TAT goals and testing of the specimen, and both were divergent from those for thyrotropin.
Results of the plasma biochemical profile showed increases in concentrations of AST (1639 U/L), and uric acid (32.
For further refinement of detection of primary biliary cirrhosis, cholestatic biochemical profiles, defined as elevated levels of alkaline phosphatase and levels of aspartate transaminases less than 5 times the upper limit of normal, were analyzed.
MetaVantage(TM) elucidates the biochemical profile of a cell, tissue, or fluid, and integrates this information with data from other genomics analyses using its proprietary comprehensive informatics system.
warneri, showing the same biochemical profile as the previously isolated bacteria as determined by the ID 32 Staph system.
All 11 clinical isolates had an identical biochemical profile, which was identified as L.
Her biochemical profile was entirely within the normal range.
The study was designed to examine and report on oral cavity epithelial cell cytology (changes in buccal cavity membrane) and hematological changes including a complete blood count and a biochemical profile including serum electrolytes, as well as urine analysis, arterial blood pressure, and an electrocardiogram on all dogs.
Results of blood tests, including a complete blood count, biochemical profile, and liver function tests, were normal.
This new biochemical profile is offered to gynecologists and endocrinologists to assist them in determining a menopausal woman's risk of developing osteoporosis and coronary heart disease, two serious and often life threatening conditions.
Metabolomics offers new ways for researchers to detect disease, monitor disease progression and response to therapy, stratify patients based on biochemical profiles, and identify new biomarkers and drug targets.