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Une Bronfenbrenner's theory of human development: Its evolution from ecology to bioecology.
Bioecology of Optatus palmaris Pascoe (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Annona muricata L.
Research interests are taxonomy of neotropical marine fish, fish physiology, fisheries, fish bioecology, deep-sea fisheries and in the impacts of unburnt coal on coastal marine ecosystem but also in the strong links between the research community, fishermen, industry and policy.
Optimizing the intrauterine environment one woman at a time for the future benefit of the next generation may alter the bioecology of obesity and shift the cultural paradigm from disease care to disease prevention.
simulans in Southern Brazil, studies related to the use of soybean and weeds as places for food and shelter for this pest species are indispensable, as well as studies on the bioecology and soybean yield loss, in order to establish an integrated pest management program.
Epidemic manifestations of rickettsial diseases vary by ecotope characteristics, human activity, and vector bioecology in natural foci.
The biomaterial processing was carried out at the Department of Bioecology and Geography, as well as at the training laboratory facilities of the Faculty of Sciences of the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education (The Chuvash I.
3) Laboratory of Bioecology and Crustacean Systematics (LBSC), Program in Comparative Biology Department of Biology, Faculty of Philosophy, Science and Letters of Ribeirao Preto (FFCLRP) University of Sao Paulo (USP), Av.
We thank to MCT/CNPQ/PPG7, FINEP/CTPetro, and Project PIATAM for financial support, to members of the Fish Bioecology Laboratory at the National Institute for Amazonian Research (INPA) for help in collecting the fish and processing the material, and the technicians Valter do Santos Dias, Joao de Sousa Pena and Francisco da Fonseca (INPA) for substantial contribution during the field work, which was only possible as a result of their invaluable experiences and dedication.
Topics include: insect-plant interactions, insect cannibalism, symbionts insect nutrition, plant resistance and insect bioecology and nutrition, and insect bioecology and nutrition for integrated pest management.