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This competition was a huge validation for what we have created," said Rhodes, who received a master's in bioengineering from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City this spring.
For instance, startups have bloomed around the idea that bacteria can be programmed to clean water in waste facilities and public parks, and government grants have been awarded to bioengineering projects aimed at using microorganisms to purify water.
Pharmaceutical company American Oriental Bioengineering Inc (NYSE:AOB) said on Friday that it is not in compliance with New York Stock Exchange rules due to its failure to timely file its Annual Report on Form 10-K with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
The descriptions are detailed enough to allow researchers with typical bioengineering laboratory equipment to reproduce the methods.
The K25 Award will support the career development of quantitatively trained investigators who make a commitment to basic or clinical biomedicine, bioengineering, bioimaging, or behavioral research that is relevant to the NIH mission.
Soil bioengineering techniques were used above this elevation--specifically live fascines, brush mattresses, and live stakes--to stabilize the upper bank slope.
in bioengineering from the University of California, San Diego in 1999, Clemmons has a rather personal milestone attached to her name.
Boyer and Cohen's technique ushered in a rash of interest in bioengineering among scientists and corporations alike, fascinated by the mass potential in the new technology to make riper tomatoes, parasite-resistant spuds, and enriched golden rice that would combat blindness in the Third World.