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Described as a high-octane, biographical record which gives Denise "her rightful position as one of pop's soul powerhouses", it's clear Denise is very proud of the new album, while retaining a huge amount of affection for her Five Star back catalogue.
Subsequent chapters proceed through her life, combining the meager biographical record with incisive discussions of individual works.
He is also thesubject of biographical record in The Marquis Who's Who Publications Board in Finance and Industry 1998 1999.
The collected letters as a whole are not only a vein of biographical record, but also a limited, yet illuminating record of the social history of a period.
In fact, Curnutt takes the difficulty of creating a "realistic" Hemingway as a starting point for the text and, rather than try to create a unified vision of the author, Curnutt repeatedly emphasizes the gaps that exist between Hemingway's life, the biographical record of that life, and the public persona(s) that have circulated widely in the media.
As the title promises, Caravaggio's realism and personality are rehearsed in light of new research and much hard thinking about the evident biographical record.
The book is a biographical record of the 3,417 barristers and judges who operated on the circuit between those years.
Even the "merely" biographical record is scarcely straightforward, and questions of causality or even genealogy are not easily answered.
Of course, with a man so fluid in his sense of himself, sexual orientation has little meaning, and the biographical record does not include any sexual partners, male or female.
The available biographical record, based on surviving playbills and newspaper reportage, shows that he was only 24 when he first performed Shylock, Richard III, and Macbeth; that he was 42 when he resurrected Titus Andronicus; and that he was 51 and performing in St.
Staloff has been a continuous subject of biographical record in Who's Who in America.