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Cellulase of Trichoderma viride for Biological Degradation of Cellulosic Wastes," Asian Journal of Chemistry, 24(6): 5782-88 (2012).
This can indicate that a greater degree of biological degradation on the coating at nanoscale is more plausible than for the samples which only experience photodegradation.
By natural design, lignocellulose has evolved to have some crystalline structures with closed rings, lacking open bonds to react with enzymes, thus resisting biological degradation.
Indian coffee is eco friendly considering that it is mandatory for each coffee farmer to treat the effluents from his pulp house by a process of aerobic and anaerobic lagooning, again a natural method of biological degradation.
We knew that the biological degradation rate in the receiving water decreased with increasing molecular weight.
Therefore, biological degradation has to be stopped for a certain period.
About two-thirds of agricultural land has been degraded over the past 50 years by erosion, salinization, soil compaction, nutrient depletion, biological degradation, and pollution.
The resistance to biological degradation of composite wood products is improved by applying a suitable aqueous dispersion of zinc borate onto the fibers to uniformly distribute and to adhere the zinc borate to the strands of the wood composite, applying a suitable adhesive to the wood strands, forming a strand lay-up and consolidating a lay-up under heat and pressure to form a consolidated product with zinc borate uniformly distributed therethrough.
Last August, EKOR was certified by the Ukrainian government where testing acknowledged its lack of chemical or biological degradation even after long-term exposure to radiation.
They are designed to optimize the biological degradation of the sugars in the waste water.

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