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We have described the first documented method for the use of a biological implant in the management of lung herniation.
manufactures sterile biological implant products made from human (allograft) and animal (xenograft) tissue.
Karau adds: In the long term, we intend to develop polymeric scaffolds that could be colonized with living cells creating a true biological implant. This approach would make it possible to regenerate cartilage, for example or to replace damaged heart tissue with healthy tissue.
The tri-layered biological implant consisted of a cartilage layer (100 percent type I collagen), a transition region (40 percent Nano-HA and 60 percent type I collagen) and a bone region (70 percent Nano-HA and 30 percent type I collagen).
Contract notice: Open tender for the supply of ligatures, trocars, skin stapler, glue, biological implant and medical devices for coagulation and ablation of soft tissue with the provision of a generator at the tours university hospital.
He most recently served as president of sterile biological implant provider RTI Biologics Inc.

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