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Services include technical consultations on vectors, pests, environmental biology, and natural resources; development and distribution of Disease Vector Ecology Profiles that provide summaries of the bionomics of disease vectors and data on hazardous animals and plants for individual countries or biogeopolitical areas (eg, the Middle East); Technical Guides (formerly Technical Information Memoranda) that provide guidance on specific issues of interest to the DoD pest management community (eg, the surveillance and control of ticks that transmit disease); interactive teaching programs in CD (tick morphology) and DVD (mosquito morphology) format; and provision of subject-specific bibliographies, utilizing in-house and proprietary databases.
Due to the rarity of this butterfly in Ohio, nothing about the species' bionomics in Ohio has ever been recorded.
Euphrasia CJ (2004) Bionomics, resource characteristics and distribution of the threatened freshwater fishes of Kerala.
and taxonomic bionomic data of two European Mirax species (Hymenoptera: Braconidae, Adeliinae).
Sinka ME, Bangs MJ, Manguin S, et al The dominant Anopheles vectors of human malaria in Africa, Europe and the Middle East: Occurrence data, distribution maps and bionomic precis.
The dominant Anopheles vectors of human malaria in the Asia-Pacific region: occurrence data, distribution maps and bionomic precis.
31 -- Bionomic Industries has launched their new ECharge Electrostatic Collector for high removal efficiency of smoke-type micron and submicron particles, droplets, and aerosols along with odor issues caused by these particles.
Intraspecific variation in bionomic characters of the Mexican bean weevil, Zabrotes subfasciatus.
Although the importance of Chironomidae in aquatic systems of Neotropical regions like the Parana River floodplains has been widely pointed out, there is little information on their population dynamics and bionomic attributes (Strixino, 1973; Trivinho-Strixino and Strixino, 1989; Masaferro et al.