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AVR genes was isolated from Bgh, a representative of the powdery mildews as the third major group of obligate biotrophic parasites (Ridout et al., 2006).
Apomictic, polyphagous root-knot nematodes: exceptionally successful and damaging biotrophic root pathogens.
On the other hand, 3-oxo-C14-HSL and 3-OH-C14-HSL induced resistance in Arabidopsis and barley plants towards biotrophic and hemibiotrophic pathogens [31].
This fungus is an obligate biotrophic fungus that specializes on Brassicaceous species and is distributed worldwide (Koch and Slusarenko, 1990).
Although it was previously thought to be a lichen, modern works treat it as a highly adapted biotrophic parasitism (Dobbeler 1984).
Studies on biotrophic fungi from Argentina: Microcyclus porleriae, whit a key to South American species of Microcyclus.
Interestingly, induced resistance was not found to be a factor among the fungal pathogens studied, which included a biotrophic Basidiomycete [Uromyces rumicis (Schumach.) G.
The biotrophic transport of carbohydrate from alga to animal.
Roles for rice membrane dynamics and plasmodesmata during biotrophic invasion by the blast fungus.
Most of the nematodes that are parasitic to different plant species are characterized as obligate biotrophic parasites and exert harmful effects on agricultural production by direct damage to crops or serving as vectors for plant invading viruses.
While its members have traditionally been uniformly assumed to be degraders of litter, wood and other dead biological matter, very recent research has suggested that several members could in fact be parasitically or mutualistically biotrophic with plants.