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Pour elle, la theorie de Benveniste devrait deboucher sur une tripartition et non une bipartition :
Convinced that Aristotle's ideas about the practical are neither fully nor fairly understood, Fortenbaugh works through issues of psychology, ethics, politics and rhetoric in such topics as the antecedents of Aristotle's bipartite psychology, the account and bipartition of the soul in Nicomachean Ethics, the rhetoric of emotion, the emotions and moral virtue of animals, the syllogistic vocabulary of the Ethics, correct and mistaken constitutions, persuasion through character, the peripatetic, arguing the issue through the condition of the character, Cicero as a reporter of Aristotelian and Theophrastean rhetorical doctrine, and Aristotle's curious dismissal of delivery in speech.
Then the inner and outer vertices indeed define a bipartition of G.
Every edge in E has one column vertex and one row vertex for its endpoints, and thus the row vertices R and column vertices C form the bipartition of the vertex set of G.
Le projet est global, la bipartition entre la politique et la nature des choses n'est qu'apparente: l'un mene toujours a l'autre et vice versa:
The three major manuscripts in question--the Laurenziano Rediano IX, the Vaticano Latino 3793, and the Palatino 418--all divide Guittone's work biographically into the periods before and after he becomes a Frate, a bipartition which Borra esteems and sets out to investigate as an overall key to the work's greatness, its internal historicity, and its poetic and moral consistency.
Par ailleurs, nous avions deja signale d'emblee que le droit prive des contrats excluait par definition le droit public des contrats, et que les differents systemes nationaux, pour des raisons historiques (155), ne se faisait pas la meme idee de cette bipartition, a supposer qu'ils la connaissent.
She used such diverse sagas as Njals saga, Grettis saga, and Olafs saga Tryggvasonar as examples of stranding, interlace composition, and bipartition.
Ce glissement s'est effectue dans le sens d'une deconstruction de l'heteronormativite (ou heterosexualite comme norme socialement construite) et de toute identite sexuelle fixe, y compris de l'identite homosexuelle, percue comme etant encore emprisonnee dans la bipartition heteronormative.
Moiety assignment is in principle an absolute bipartition of individuals (regardless of whether or not they are married or of whether or not their marriages compose closed circuits).