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T] (A [disjunction] B) [less than or equal to] [absolute value of E] - 1 must hold for every subset L of a set of the form A V B for some bipartition A, B of X, that is, for every bipartite subset [laplace] of [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]--which is just our first assertion.
If X [union] Y is the bipartition of V(G) and either [absolute value of X] or [absolute value of Y] is even, then G is {a, b}-weight colourable by Theorem 3.
In fact, assuming the contrary, Theorem 6 applied to H([eta]) would yield the existence of a bipartition of {1, .
1 (Brown, Lundgren, [6]) Let G be a bipartite graph with bipartition V(G) = (X, Y).
2 Let G be a bipartite graph with bipartition (U,W), where |U| [equivalent to] |W| [equivalent to] 1 (mod 2).
Sinick [1] answered Chan's question in negative by considering restricted bipartition function [c.
Les RaeRae etaient << contre-nature >> moins parce qu'ils contrevenaient a la bipartition des genres ou encore a << l'heterosexualite naturelle >> comme peuvent nous le faire penser les premiers textes des explorateurs au premier abord, mais bien plus parce qu'ils operaient un retournement de prestige et de pouvoir culturellement inacceptable.
The method proposed by the authors consists in comparing the BLIM with other models, called bipartition models (BPMs), in which the invariance assumption is explicitly violated.
3) Classic accounts of the Orang Asli describe a clear bipartition between Negrito foragers and southern Mongoloid agriculturalists.
La resolution de cette entrave a une conception manicheenne du cosmos est trouvee dans une bipartition des roles, faisant de la Dira un agent de Jupiter et des Furies des demons agissant contre Jupiter.
In the beginning the nobility, engaged on the fields of battle, denoted their position by submitting collective petitions demanding facilitation of the service, for example, by bipartition of towns' service.
Where does case marking stand vis-a-vis the above bipartition of features?