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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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To further examine any changes associated with the contact and activity of bipolar cells, we looked at the paired PKC[alpha]/Bassoon profile which accounts for ON-rod bipolar cells and the photoreceptor synaptic ribbon, respectively.
(2013) Independent control of reciprocal and lateral inhibition at the axon terminal of retinal bipolar cells. J.
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The scientists observed significant changes in the component of the ERG that measures the response of the bipolar cells, supporting their earlier findings.
Activation of GABAc receptors increases presynaptic [Cl.sup.-] influx, hyperpolarizing bipolar cell and thereby inhibiting [Ca.sup.2+] entry via L-type [Ca.sup.2+]-channels [11,21, 38].
The cones contact both depolarizing bipolar cells (DBCs) and hyperpolarizing bipolar cells (HBCs) through sign-inverting (−) synapses (ON synapse) and sign-preserving (+) synapses (OFF synapse), respectively.
Long arrows indicate double-labeled bipolar cells with long prolongations situated parallel to smooth muscle fibers.
(D) Retinal explant labeling of PKC[alpha] to mark rod bipolar cells under each experimental condition.
Previous studies showed that besides photoreceptors, Muller cells as well as depolarizing bipolar cells are also closely associated with changes in ERG b-waves [13-17].