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Silver dream: Choose from one of many different varieties of birch tree to brighten your garden throughout the year
TRIBUTE TO LOST YOUNG LIVES: Mayor Lionel Franklyn and local historian David George plant the silver birch tree in memory of the Second World War aircrew who died when their plane crash landed in Dunchurch in October, 1944 Picture: JOE BAILEY
This kept alive a tradition started by Eric Middleton, who was principal at the college from 1984-1995, who planted a Silver Birch tree 14 years earlier to mark his retirement.
VALENCIA - Janet and Glen Huskey have lived all over the world and witnessed the barest of conditions, but they're still talking about their most recent trip to Ukraine, where they were introduced to birch tree juice and chocolate-covered cottage cheese bars.
Cllr Sheila Collins joined Andy Robottom from Stoford Developments, Robert Duncan from letting agents Donaldsons and Tony Nash from Stoford Developments in planting a commemorative silver birch tree at Manor House Drive.
After almost two years tackling the challenges of planning and building, 38-year-old Martin and his wife of 15 years, Lisa, have finally moved into their dream home in Birch Tree Grove.
An appeal against a Middlesbrough Council planning committee decision to refuse consent to chop down a silver birch tree at Bisham Avenue, off Grosvenor Road in Middlesbrough has been rejected.
The figures are formed as though they come from the peeling bark of a birch tree and they are encountering each other and meeting one another,'' he said.
MEMBERS of a Women's Institute have planted a Silver Birch Tree in a Middlesbrough park to celebrate the group's silver anniversary.
Derrick Stringer, aged 54, of Birch Tree Road, Camp Hill, is holding the event in memory of his brother, Keith, of Wood Street, Bed-worth, who died in August from motor neurone disease at the age of 56.
The girl's only salvation is the kindness she shows to the cat, dog and a birch tree.
Members of the city council's conservation and heritage panel will meet tomorrow to discuss the proposal to add Chestnut, Sycamore, Ash Tree and Birch Tree Cottages to the list.