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Faced with the current array of overly expensive digital solutions, Brendan Finch started BirdBrain Science from his classroom and the site has now served over 43,000 students and teachers.
But unlike so much so-called artistic deconstruction, which often seems to be destruction by irony, Birdbrain does a number of very bright and clever things, definitely making its name a misnomer.
But the talented birdbrain also has a habit of talking himself into trouble as he ruffles feathers all over town.
Other manufacturers of these products include Birdbrain, Inc.
thought birdbrain, "I'd better let Eddie the Eagle finish the fox legally before the dogs do it illegally.
SMALL joys of TV: Iain Lee's daily struggle with birdbrain Kate Lawler.
Off Broadway, Australian choreographer Garry Stewart is developing Birdbrain, starring genetically damaged swans, for performances in Australia in 2000, and Spunky Productions and Dura Mater presented a Swan Lake retelling entitled Waterbirds in New York City in October.
Birdbrain Tory David Maclean is happy to feed his feathered friends .
Paxman' His strongest criticism is reserved for Tess Daly - the "pneumatic birdbrain from Strictly Come Dancing".
All the birdbrain travelers among my neighbors know enough to do that.
One production took the ultra-modern route and called itself Birdbrain, while the other retained the piece's traditional title as well as Tchaikovsky's score.
Cullen's bulging CV includes work on the ITV1 Wales drama Nuts and Bolts, the award-winning short film Birdbrain and numerous plays for radio.