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If she is claiming she did it because she is a bit dippy, she is obviously even more of a birdbrain than anyone thought.
The sixth film in this series features collage artist Romare Bearden, who is showcased through conversations prompted by the character Puffer the Puffin--who is no birdbrain.
Flashiest tale is that between birdbrain Bollywood actress Kkamini (Priyanka Chopra), who wants to change her image, and self-confident opportunist Rahul (Salman Khan), who takes advantage of the fact.
Birdbrain, Christine King, 734-483-4536, christine@birdbrain.
We're not calling her a birdbrain, but Gabrielle with her tweety pies that covered up has gotta be a rare sight
Why is it an insult to be called birdbrain, when there are things birds can do with navigation that we don't begin to understand?
Well, perhaps not, and luckily enough, despite the publicity, Birdbrain, given by these Australians, turned out to be something rather different.
But the talented birdbrain also has a habit of talking himself into trouble as he ruffles feathers all over town.
thought birdbrain, "I'd better let Eddie the Eagle finish the fox legally before the dogs do it illegally.
SMALL joys of TV: Iain Lee's daily struggle with birdbrain Kate Lawler.
Off Broadway, Australian choreographer Garry Stewart is developing Birdbrain, starring genetically damaged swans, for performances in Australia in 2000, and Spunky Productions and Dura Mater presented a Swan Lake retelling entitled Waterbirds in New York City in October.