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To be truthful, I felt really hurt by it because these people said I was a pretentious, birdbrained idiot who was always at parties.
The intelligent and probing ``Insomnia'' did about the same midrange business as the birdbrained and trivializing ``Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.
He's not wrong in thinking he's the most decent, smartest conspirator involved in this increasingly birdbrained and blood-spattered cover-up.
And Sexy Sam has a birdbrained scheme to move in with Rickaaay and then start an affair with the psycho Scot Trevor, ignoring Phil's bruvverly
Shapely Natalie Walter spends most of the time in her undies as the obligatory birdbrained dolly bird, Peter Egan pops up as the lecherous director who keeps mixing business with pleasure, and Aden Gillett plays an actor consumed by jealousy.