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As the beam passes through the specimen, its birefringent structures modify the beam polarization in such a way that, after the special polarization analyzer, non-birefringent specimen parts appear black and birefringent structures, colored.
This work is built on previous works that used pattern recognition software (ShellBi) to identify bivalve larvae using birefringent patterns under polarized light (Gallager & Tiwari 2008, Thompson et al.
Tunable birefringent filters - optimal iterative design.
loboi presents as a characteristic bulbous chain of yeast-like cells, 9-10[micro] in diameter, with thick (double) birefringent walls in the cytoplasm of the histiocytes as well as outside.
Shen, "Ultrahigh birefringent photonic crystal fiber with ultralow confinement loss," IEEE Photon.
Scientists at Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute, led by project leader Tzong-Ming Lee, have developed an alternative material that gives superior optical birefringent properties without the use of potentially harmful solvents.
Cotton will show long, thin, twisted fibers (no pits) that are birefringent in rainbow colors under crossed Polaroids.
Finally, we discuss possible engineering applications and limitations of the split-ring medium in view of the homogenisation result and, in particular, derive a direct link between the refractive indices and the geometrical parameters of a birefringent split-ring medium.
The mineral calcite, which is sometimes used as a waveplate, is birefringent.
The histopathologic study revealed numerous peribronchiolar large granulomatous lesions composed of macrophages, which showed abundant cytoplasm containing numerous birefringent crystals identified as silicates by transmission electron microscopy.
Calcium forms an alizarin red S-calcium complex in a chelation process and the end product is birefringent.
His thesis focused on the preparation and characterization of [Au(CN)2]-based heterometallic coordination polymers that show vapochromic or birefringent properties.