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If all of this sounds like textbook narcissism to you, that's because it is--something else my birth chart not-so-subtly pointed out.
The former refers to birth chart, which involves one's time of birth and the popular reference point of zodiac signs, while the latter is what she calls the 'feng shui side,' or the arrangement of things in one's home, the direction which one's office faces, and so on.
By wearing the birth charts of her family, mom will experience her role as the center of the family's universe.
As well as birth charts, Vicki can do forecasts for one or two years ahead and can highlight when significant things are going to happen in someone's life.
The volume is designed to explore astrological episodes from Galileo's career, including his summons to a Paduan court in 1604 under charges of "astral determinism" (39), his naming of the four moons of Jupiter discovered in 1610 after members of the Medici family, and the birth charts he drew up for various patrons.
Before our meeting Raymond has asked for the birth charts of everyone who lives in the house, including our 11-month-old chocolate brown Labrador, Harvey.