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Perhaps, it may take another generation in Bangladesh to get over the birth pangs and torturous memories of the period of Liberation War, when they realize that the present generation of Pakistanis had nothing to do with the injustices done to the former East Pakistan province and it looks today at Bangladesh as an independent Muslim country of the region.
We feel the birth pangs of Vallejo the voluminous journalist, who would visit Soviet Russia three times in the 1920s and find a perfect whetstone for his Marxist sympathies when, as Neruda would write, pre-civil war "Spain was taut and dry as a drum.
The decrease of placental blood flow at the moment of birth pangs can be accompanied by the foetus's torments of hypoxic nature and the increase of cardiac output can lead to the development of cardiac failure.
The truth is that the recent spate of events points to birth pangs as the region pursues higher levels of democratisation.
Eleven "Remember the Birth pangs of the New Middle East?
Washington, Sept 1 (ANI): Astronomers have collected enough high resolution images of stellar jets for over a 14-year period through the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope to stitch together time-lapse movies of the birth pangs of new stars.
But one thing is clear: when the birth pangs is over, a new India will emerge - strong, united and confident - and again we will be able to say - I'm proud to be an Indian.
By that time the new marvel was television and it was going through the same birth pangs that cinema had gone through in the days of the Keystone Cops.
That a vanguard of a new generation of passenger aircraft should encounter some delays and birth pangs is not unusual.
Bush's democratisation process looked still-born, far from being central to the birth pangs of a new Middle East.
Certainly not chaotic Italy, whose socialists were witnessing the birth pangs of Mussolini's fascism.