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How quickly and efficiently the You Stink and other protest movements organize politically to challenge the entrenched power structure will largely determine whether they succeed in turning the historic but nascent and small phenomenon of the birth pangs of the Lebanese citizen into a national reality that reconfigures the power structure so that it treats all citizens with more efficiency, equity, and, above all, respect and dignity.
But Chesshyre makes it clear that he's in the Middle East to witness the birth pangs of newly liberated nations--and there's plenty of material to be found.
The various elements of the societies that formed the fuel for these uprisings were sure to undergo a difficult period of birth pangs that could last for another decade, based on the lessons of history.
Digging deeply into archives and old newspapers, Freeberg takes us on a captivating intellectual adventure that offers long-forgotten stories of the birth pangs of the electrical age that are amusing, surprising and tragic." MARCIA BARTUSIAK
Hammering home his point, the Council president added that "we are not witnessing the birth pangs of a federal Euroland'".
Kawamura told reporters in Nagoya, "We're going through birth pangs," referring to his hopes for a merger between Genzei Nippon and the parties led by Hashimoto and Ishihara.
Indeed, while the Republican Party struggled with perceptions of extremism in 1964, the long-term birth pangs of an increasingly robust conservative movement evidenced in the 1980s and beyond are attributable to this origin.
He makes a false distinction between mob violence and state sponsored violence and more seriously justifies the former saying "the successive mob violence in Sri Lanka both in the South and North, as pointed out by the author, have been a part of the birth pangs of 'new nations' of Asia."
We are now experiencing the birth pangs of the Messianic era.
It was obvious that the birth pangs were a constant source of trouble in the initial stages for the new state.
We feel the birth pangs of Vallejo the voluminous journalist, who would visit Soviet Russia three times in the 1920s and find a perfect whetstone for his Marxist sympathies when, as Neruda would write, pre-civil war "Spain was taut and dry as a drum." So while some epigrams read like pebbles polished by wind and sun, they are pebbles scattered by the breakage of countries in conflict.
More pronounced hemodynamic displacements can be watched during birth pangs, with the sharp decrease of cardiac output and then during birth pangs--a considerable increase, on the contrary.