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Amid the birth pangs of heavy metal, Fox chose the rubric "Heavy Organ.
Mark's use of the birth pangs is highly apocalyptic and symbolic language, used in similar ways in both New Testament letters and in the Gospels.
Curated by Dan Cameron, who himself was part of this brew, the selection rushed us back to the feisty birth pangs of Youthquake galleries (open on Sundays for art-world strollers) that nurtured a fresh generation of then-unknown artists who would later become household names.
The wild card here is Caesar's brazenly opportunistic niece, Atia (Polly Walker), who is less concerned about the niceties of who will rule what than she is about how prominent her role will be when the treacherously violent birth pangs of the new empire are over.
If you want to witness the birth pangs of Agon, read Bernard Taper's longer (and classic) Balanchine (Times Books, 1984).
The deep tones and high wails spilled over into to the next lecture hall, where a crowd listening to a talk on the marvels of the new Spitzer Space Telescope was unexpectedly treated to a riff representing the birth pangs of the universe.
For in the tension-filled corridors surrounding the delivery-room where the cries evidencing the postmodern world's birth pangs are only too painfully heard, we Christians and humane thinkers could do worse than together take stock of all of Western civilization's search for transcendence, truth, and humanity, as well as its knack for losing them.
71) Women should reflect that their birth pangs are nothing compa red to the eternal torment to which God should have condemned us.
As has happened elsewhere in Latin America in recent years, the birth pangs of emerging democracy threw a monkey wrench into the plans of a foreign company.
An unwieldly coalition of more than a dozen parties has already felt the birth pangs of another round of political and economic uncertainty, despite Vajpayee's promise of politics by consensus.
The perspective is historical, and traces the roots of development, as a goal, to the period of the birth pangs of the English factory system.
She was working with the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College at the same time the plan for the federated college was drawn up, and consequently was involved in the birth pangs of the college.