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Some blame a hugely successful free-condom campaign in Thailandin the early 1990s -- aimed at combatting HIV/AIDS and which was widely copied around the world -- as a factor that has reduced the birth rate.
Immigration is an important factor as well, as recent immigrants have among the highest birth rates of any group.
Quoting the vital statistics, Nambiar said, "The percentage birth rate of Muslims has increased from 35 in 2006 to 41.
Overall, births in 2016 declined one percent from 2015 to 3,941,109, making it the second year of lower birth rates since 2014 saw an increase.
The change in age distribution contributed to the preterm birth rate decrease (as indicated by the negative values) only among mothers aged [less than or equal to] 24 years.
In women who had ART as the first treatment, the corresponding ART-conception live birth rates were 46.
Research teams in 40 countries correlated birth rates with economic data and concluded that modest population decline can actually improve broader standards of living.
These trends may signal increasing employer and employee confidence, which may in turn have been reflected in the rising birth rate and falling death rate of businesses.
This is particularly challenging during the current extended period of increased birth rates in Birmingham.
The latest data in that report - from 2010 - showed, among other things, that the teen birth rate in Worcester was up 12 percent.
In a report to Parliament tomorrow the RCM warns that the highest birth rate in 40 years means Government should guarantee the number of training places to tackle the problem.
According to the State Statistical Office in 1948 the birth rate was 44 promiles, while in 2006 it was 13.