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44] Polish hospitals balked at allowing fathers not only to step into birthing rooms but even to set foot in hospital, citing the risk of spreading disease as the reason for this precaution.
Help them imagine ways to make the birthing room a nurturing, safe space to let go and give birth.
Kotak, 36, spent each day of the last month of her pregnancy inside an art installation set up like a birthing room at the Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn as part of the "project," which she dubbed "The Birth of Baby X.
And somehow - thanks to the initiative of its business leaders - it has invariably managed to move from the deathbed of one industry to the birthing room of the next.
Still, Hankins has serious concerns about how lawmakers would regulate the birthing room.
Make Room for Daddy: The Journey from Waiting Room to Birthing Room
Flett's mother was a midwife but she made her daughter wait outside the birthing room to fetch the things she needed.
Nicodemus staffed the birthing room that night, when everyone but he and Joseph of Arimathea had slipped away or fled in fear and despair.
We'd turned the dining room into our birthing room.
My husband had to be rushed out of the birthing room because it looked as if he was going to faint.
The subject matter includes a woman who supposedly gave birth to a cat, a rogue abortionist, an unsanctioned burial under a parish altar, and a man who cross-dressed in order to enter a birthing room.