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The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust will be contracted by Fuzhou Culture and Tourism Ltd as consultants to the project, ensuring the replica buildings faithfully represent the originals.
Visitors to Stewart Park will be aware of the two totem poles outside the Birthplace Museum.
We are delighted and honoured that the birthday of Pakistan's legendary poet philosopher, who bridged the cultural, intellectual and spiritual traditions of East and West, will be celebrated at the birthplace of Britain's greatest poet," he added.
The $20,000 PPG Foundation grant enables the Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum to extend its educational activities to reach approximately 16,000 students.
Dr Delia Garratt, director of cultural engagement at The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, said: "We're incredibly excited to be able to present this once in a lifetime opportunity for people to see Shakespeare's original will back in his hometown where it was drafted by local solicitor Francis Collins 400 years ago.
birthplace during his earlier trip to Motihari and directed the officials to ensure its proper development and upkeep.
Diana Owen, chief executive officer of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, said: "Robust planning for a new International Shakespeare Centre is the key which will unlock the potential of the Trust - and of Stratford - as the mustvisit cultural and heritage destination in the West Midlands.
Mr Haden said: "The birthplace has a number of high-profile events planned over the coming months with representatives of Britain's major literary houses attending the Lithouses Summer Conference on June 6 followed by Dylanathon - a Dylan themed one day photomarathon - at the end of the month.
The National Trust will also be opening the doors of George Stephenson's Birthplace for free over the weekend so that people can also find out about another famous Wylam engineer.
Tarun Siripurapu, Managing Director, Birthplace Healthcare Pvt.
Birthplace of Beethoven showcases composer's legacy Admirers of legendary composer Ludwig van Beethoven can visit his birthplace of Bonn, Germany, where they can view his personal effects and musical material at the Beethoven-Haus birthplace and museum.
The 35-year-old actress, who has numerous inkings all over her body, revealed that the seventh coordinate on her upper arm marks the Hollywood star's birthplace and not about adopting again.