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You'll have to hear all about Wantage, the birthplace of Alfred, and Farringdon, which held out so long for Charles the First (the Vale was near Oxford, and dreadfully malignant--full of Throgmortons, Puseys, and Pyes, and such like; and their brawny retainers).
One of them is Dwarka, the birthplace of the god Krishna.
he was then an officer of the king; but when the war took place between the crown and her colonies, my grandfather did not forget his birthplace, but threw off the empty allegiance of names, and was true to his proper country; he fought on the side of liberty.
With a still surviving attachment to the one miserable yard and block of houses as her birthplace and home, she passed to and fro in it shrinkingly now, with a womanly consciousness that she was pointed out to every one.
Corney, the matron of the workhouse to which our readers have been already introduced as the birthplace of Oliver Twist, sat herself down before a cheerful fire in her own little room, and glanced, with no small degree of complacency, at a small round table: on which stood a tray of corresponding size, furnished with all necessary materials for the most grateful meal that matrons enjoy.
He received them very kindly, and at once showed an interest in Nell; asking her name, and age, her birthplace, the circumstances which had led her there, and so forth.
The house where Orwell was born as Eric Arthur Blair in 1903 when his father worked under the British Raj lay in ruins for decades with pigs and dogs roaming around before the state government woke up to the need to preserve and renovate it as a historical monument on the lines of the birthplaces of William Shakespeare and Leo Tolstoy in England and Russia, respectively.
The PRS used its 65,000-strong database to locate the birthplaces of its membership.
uk A NEWinitiative has been launched to help groups of visitors see the birthplaces of Shakespeare and Elgar in one day.
CLLR FLO CLUCAS is wrong when she states: "We have not been able to conserve the birthplaces of John Lennon and Paul McCartney" as an excuse to demolish the birth place of Ringo Starr.
To conclude, the section "Nostalgia and the Legitimation of American Heritage," calls attention to issues of authenticity in landscapes, from the carriage roads of Acadia National Park, to the supposed birthplaces of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, to the urban environment in and around the Camden Yards sports complex in Baltimore.
Webb, although his birthplace is listed as Washington, and his parents' birthplaces are listed as Maryland.