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Boteach said that what motivated him in coming to Israel on this trip was his hope that he would be "able to offer something in terms of Judaism, in terms of my love for Israel, in terms of defending and protecting and standing by Israel." He added that "on top of that, I really wanted to come on Birthright because it is under attack; you have people who are infiltrating Birthright groups, they're encouraging young people to lie and to get on the trips so fraudulently, and there's a lot of fraudulent stuff going on."
"We're looking at that very seriously, birthright citizenship," ( said Trump , who previously promised to unilaterally end birthright citizenship.
Mwende's situation is unusual because her American birthright mirrors her Kenyan birthright.
Birthright was the very first special private elementary school in Muntinlupa City dedicated to the needs of autistic children and other children with intellectual disabilities.
On hashtag "Return the Birthright", many young Jews expressed their rejection to the free trips they are being offered.
Furthermore, history confirms that birthright citizenship applies to anyone U.S.
So, why are both sides united in their opposition to the president's threat to abolish birthright citizenship?
United States President Donald Trump thinks he can end birthright citizenship in the US by executive order: "It was always told to me that you needed a constitutional amendment.
"So-called birthright Citizenship, which costs our Country billions of dollars and is very unfair to our citizens, will be ended one way or the other," Trump tweeted.
President Trump has in the past aired his opposition to the birthright and now says he can do that through executive order.
In 2015, Cruz said he supported ending birthright citizenship and proposed an amendment to the U.S.
"I have never been to Israel and have very mixed feelings about Birthright," writes Unorthodox listener Sam.