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Mascap National High School has a building which is bisected by the fault line while its elementary school is within the five-meter buffer zone.
Key statement: Provided are a bisected mold for tire molding that enables manufacturing of high-performance tires and that, at a mold clamping, prevents a tire from being pinched to thereby attain a yield enhancement; and a process for manufacturing a tire.
However, formation of a new juvenile (adult rudiment, including the spicules and hydrolobes) in association with the anterior portions of bisected larvae occurred at an accelerated rate (within only 7 days).
The highway bisects the 550-acre park, which attracts nearly 1.5 million day-use visitors and campers a year.
A state highway now bisects the former base compound.
A glorious long pass from Leam Lawrence bisected the home defence and Chrissie Greenacre raced on to the loose ball, side-footing past the advancing keeper into an unguarded net.
It is widely believed that the Great Rift Valley, which bisects the continent from the Red Sea in the north, is subject to crustal movements that can affect construction of buildings and roads.
He has little time for the `shock tactics' of such modern stars as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin with their bisected sheep and unmade beds.
bisected by a dirty stream that strains through fallen trees
2 Moustapha Hadji bisects David Perpetuini and Alex Bonnet to have a crack at the Watford goal.
The show contains highly controversial works, including a partially decomposed shark, a bisected pig preserved in formaldehyde, and a portrait of the Virgin Mary surrounded by elephant dung.
Tonga's traditional rival Fiji, has three of its islands - Vanua Levu, Rabi and Taveuni - bisected by the International Date Line.