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These rail transfer bridges facilitate traffic between areas or buildings bisected by rail spurs.
Ever since, a concrete and barbed wire barrier of absolute immobility has bisected the entire island, enforced by a large occupation force of the Turkish mainland army.
Bipinnaria and brachiolaria larvae of the asteroids Luidia foliolata and Pisaster ochraceus were surgically bisected into anterior and posterior portions, and the regeneration process was followed for 2 weeks (Vickery and McClintock, 1998).
Yes, I remember young Georgie Petersfield," he said, mopping the tears that bisected his craggy face.
A glorious long pass from Leam Lawrence bisected the home defence and Chrissie Greenacre raced on to the loose ball, side-footing past the advancing keeper into an unguarded net.
bisected by a dirty stream that strains through fallen trees
The show contains highly controversial works, including a partially decomposed shark, a bisected pig preserved in formaldehyde, and a portrait of the Virgin Mary surrounded by elephant dung.
Tonga's traditional rival Fiji, has three of its islands - Vanua Levu, Rabi and Taveuni - bisected by the International Date Line.
The postmark has the name of the village, the date of the eclipse and shows the south west peninsula bisected by the line of totality.
THE SPRAWLING CONVENTION CENter was bisected by hotel rooms, pools, and parking lots, making some of the meeting rooms hard to find.
Because the moon's hard light is bisected by radar, Because the souls of past racists are liberals, Because cancer is plagiarizing the hysteria of tuberculosis, Because madness is the narcotic of power, Because Black feet clap the broken streets of glass and oil, Because cars compete with coffins for what most of us will inherit, Because time and appetite eat my memory, Because children thigh into the future surrounded, indelible, Because this voice survives the metropolitan ironies, the blister of shopping malls, Because heroin supports the C.
These include a bright northern polar ice cap bisected by a dark strip, a group of bright spots rotating with the planet, a cluster of dark spots, and a bright linear marking.