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Key statement: Provided are a bisected mold for tire molding that enables manufacturing of high-performance tires and that, at a mold clamping, prevents a tire from being pinched to thereby attain a yield enhancement; and a process for manufacturing a tire.
Then, one of the two clusters is selected and further bisected, leading to a total of three clusters.
My second interesting experience with high-voltage transmission lines came in the mid-1970s, when we were asked to appraise a rectangular 400[+ or -]-acre parcel of wooded land with road frontage on each end that had been bisected by a transmission line.
The theorem relates to radiographic imaging because the IR and body part, if not parallel, form 2 triangles with a common side when bisected by an imaginary line.
From above, Andros appears blanketed in green and bisected by wetlands, creating a larger northern and smaller southern landmass.
And so, behind the great sheds of the Arsenale in the appropriately named Giardini delle Vergini, the Chinese constructed a gently inclined slope clad in recycled clay tiles and partly bisected by a promenading ramp.
Built on the ingenious premise of a diagonally bisected stage that serves as a mirrored studio and a young student's looking glass into a fantasy world of ballerina-land, Wheeldon demonstrated from the start that he possesses imagination, vocabulary, and musicality.
Two halves of a Mozart manuscript bisected by his widow in 1835 have been reunited for the first time.
Beyond the familiar entrance arch on Eight Avenue is a three-story-high, $8 million "Icefall," with water cascading down an immense stepping sculpture that's bisected by escalators.
A buffet lunch will follow the opening, then two short films the club have acquired which feature various members playing the course during the 1961 open day and in 1970, when the M62 bisected the course, will be shown on a large screen.
The Olde English District, bisected by I-77, is a seven-county region in upper South Carolina between Charlotte and Columbia.
Sortay Investments LLC, led by Wilton Sorrells and Shelby Taylor, bought the patch of woods, bisected by Panther Creek.