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Key Words: Radiographs, Paralleling technique (PT), Bisecting angle technique (BAT), endodontic radiography, working length.
Bisecting K-Means algorithm starts with a single cluster of all the documents and works by applying K-Means to split this cluster into two sub-clusters (bisecting step).
1 and 2, the common side is represented by the arrow bisecting the angle formed by the body part and IR.
The route runs parallel with a long glass wall on the south side, bisecting the kitchen and meeting room, to the main dining and living spaces that occupy the house's east end.
at Panmunjom, the armistice village in the demilitarized zone bisecting the Korean Peninsula, the spokesman said.
Along the main highway bisecting the island, the countryside is a panorama of rice fields, dotted by fish ponds and ringed by banana plantations kept lush year round with drip irrigation.
The artist's overriding figural interest was clearest in a second video, new skin, 2002, that, projected onto two oval screens bisecting each other at a ninety-degree angle, tells the story of a young Japanese woman going blind.
Towards the water this cross axis passes through a commercial centre before bisecting the Utopia and Portuguese pavilions.
The outer gallery and reception area were dominated by a peculiar plywood structure, a large square chute extending through the interior wall and bisecting both rooms.