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Experiments using the F-measure criterion [2] show that BIC-Means clustering performs better than both the Bisecting Incremental K-means and the X-Means clustering algorithm.
From practically the first second, someone or something is headed down the walkway bisecting the Lower East Side tenements and the toney River House apartments.
Since the '70s, disparate photographic images have been paired, overlaid, and overpainted, while organized structurally into grids and rows, or with a horizontal element bisecting a vertical one.
With a knife scar rakishly bisecting his face and a devastating way with a sawed-off shotgun, Omar is the polar opposite of a stereotypical gay man--ruthless with his enemies, tender with his boyfriends.
Earlier Tuesday, a South Korean patrol found holes in the two-layer wire fence north of Seoul, which forms the southern boundary of the 4-kilometer-wide Demilitarized Zone bisecting the two Koreas, Col.
Ruthlessly bisecting these segments is a rectangle, a whiteness flecked with covert and secret forms, half luminous, half obscure.
The team created a "little village on a hill" with two large curving main streets bisecting each facility leading to a town centre.
This continues that of the church nave and is traced by a bisecting path that runs between outdoor courts to the gym and changing rooms on the south-east corner.
The other image, taken at a different wavelength, shows the dark X, with the fatter arm bisecting the apex of the twin searchlights.
A semitransparent mirror is positioned at a bisecting angle between the two monitors that, when combined with polarizing glasses, generates the stereo separation.
Power at the lodge is provided by an ingenious hydroelectric system running off of the rushing creek bisecting the property.