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When this principle is translated to the aforementioned line bisection test, it would be normal to start at one end and base the distance on the previous bisection rather than to halve and halve again.
Using this information, the bisection method determines the midpoint of this interval and uses this midpoint as the stock price to calculate a value for the options.
In both the TOJ and line bisection tasks, stimuli from two sides of the visual field can be considered to be competing for attention and therefore for the strength, priority and clarity of phenomenological representation.
However, complete regeneration in echinoderm larvae after surgical bisection has only recently been documented.
Garcia-Ibanez and Garcia-Ibanez proposed using the bisection of the angle formed by imaginary lines that pass through the greater superficial petrosal nerve and the arcuate eminence.
Even the moral conscience of the nation, President Vaclav Havel, seemed to have developed a decadelong case of laryngitis when it came to speaking out about crooked privatization, corruption, racism and even the bisection of the country -- it was called Czechoslovakia -- that was created out of freedom fighter Tomas Masaryk's dreams.
Both algorithms continue to decrease the length of the interval by the bisection technique.
Several heuristics methods has been proposed, such as mincut-based heuristics, orthogonal recursive bisection, simulated annealing, genetic algorithms and neural networks.
After adhesive has set, a second longitudinal bisection is made through the half-log or plank-pile assembly, resulting in two asymmetric structural units, which are piled in a tight stack to discourage warping or twisting as the stack is subjected to air- or kiln-drying.
Additional Key Words and Phrases: Approximation algorithms, divide and conquer, graph bisection, graph partitioning, maximum flow, minimum cut, multicommodity flow, routing, VLSI layout
Aristotle's criticism here is that the Achilles argument depends, like the previous bisection argument, on a mode of division that never terminates.