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Calling this "cycling in precise halves" (with reference to the bisection of intervals), he goes on to address the question of which scalar cardinalities allow cycling in precise halves, where a complete cycle includes one or both members of each intervals class.
[1977]: 'Personality Identity: The Implications of Brain Bisection and Brain Transplants', The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, 2, pp.
Second, the performance of the bisection method is similar to that of exhaustive search.
Here, for each individual patient, we correlated the relative change in alpha amplitude during neurofeedback (expressed as a % change from resting state) with the pre-post scores on clinical neglect tests (line bisection test, target cancellation test).
By the continuity character of the function [[phi].sub.i]([y.sup.k]) and 1/[[phi].sub.i]([y.sup.k]) = [z.sup.k.sub.i] [member of] [[L.sup.k.sub.i], [U.sup.k.sub.i]] (i = 1, ..., T) and 1/ - [[phi].sub.i]([y.sup.k]) = [z.sup.k.sub.i] [member of] [[L.sup.k.sub.i], [U.sup.k.sub.i]] (i = T + 1, ..., p), and the exhaustiveness of the bisection rule, we can get the following conclusions, for each i [member of] {1,2, ..., T}:
Second, it has first been observed in [6] for 2D newest vertex bisection that the number #[T.sub.l] of elements in [T.sub.l] can be controlled by the number of marked elements, i.e.,
Bisection within this region results in death for both halves of the animal.
Bisection. For simplicity, the root-finding method we employ to solve (4.1) is the bisection approach.
Further, we use bisection search algorithm [21] to search the optimum [V.sub.dd], and SNM is evaluated using rotation algorithm [22].
The method is based on bisection of a single two-port THRU structure.
If one of the tests showed a pullout failure (Figure 8(a)) and the other one a tensile failure (Figure 8(b)), the development length laid in the interval and had to be found by further tests using the interval bisection method.
Four assessments of visuospatial attention were used: star cancellation, Ogden figure copy, line bisection, and proprioceptive pointing.