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Yau, Compact Kauhler manifolds of positive bisectional curvature, Invent.
But the crucial institution that maintained the bisectional Constitution of peace was the Jacksonian Democratic Party, and to a lesser degree the national Whig Party.
Nevertheless, between 1820 and 1850, under what Graber calls the "modified constitution," the slaveholding republic was maintained by the "combination of representatives with Southern sensitivities, presidents with bisectional coalitions, and proslavery majorities on the federal bench" (p.
94 Tflops measured Linpack performance Size 1024 port Quadrics QsNetII switch network 920Gbytes/s bisectional BW Nodes 1024 Intel Tiger Quad processor servers Processors 4096 Intel Itanium II processors Environment Integrated Lustre Filesystem with MCR, ALC, PVC Software Single Software Release for all systems
InfiniCon Systems, the premier provider of clustering and I/O virtualization solutions for next-generation server networks, today introduced the InfinIO(TM) 5000 -- the industry's only entry-level InfiniBand switch to simultaneously support full bisectional clustering bandwidth from up to 12 InfiniBand-attached servers to existing SAN and WAN/LAN networks.
InfiniCon's InfinIO(TM) 3000 Switch Series will provide a 10Gbps, full bisectional bandwidth fabric for the 128-node cluster, comprised of Hewlett-Packard's Integrity(R) rx2600 servers with Intel Itanium(R) 2 dual processors.
The Voltaire ISR 9288 features 288 ports of 10 Gbps full bisectional bandwidth in a single chassis enabling HPC customers to build very large clusters with fewer switching components, simplifying clusters and reducing total cost of ownership.
The cluster consists of InfiniCon's InfinIO 3000 Switch Series supporting a 10Gbps, full bisectional bandwidth fabric for 16 Opteron-based server blades (Appro's HyperBlade MiniCluster(TM)).
The industry-leading capabilities of InfiniCon's InfinIO Switch family will enable AMD to offer a benchmarking environment in which 10Gbps, full bisectional bandwidth is available to every port, with latency characteristics reaching as low as 5 microseconds for message passing applications, even as fabrics scale to hundreds and thousands of nodes.
A fully configured 32-port InfinIO 3000 delivers 640 Gbps of full bisectional bandwidth - the highest performing interconnect available in a 1U form factor on the switch market today.