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Yau, Compact Kauhler manifolds of positive bisectional curvature, Invent.
Simulation condition: the steer angle of vehicle left-front wheel is 15[degrees]; the initial vehicle velocity [v.sub.0] = 5km/h, the stop simulating vehicle velocity [v.sub.t] = 60 km/h; bisectional road, the ground adhesion coefficient of two inside wheels is 0.1, the ground adhesion coefficient of two outside wheels is 0.9; the front and rear pull rod stiffness [K.sub.bc] = [] = 10 N/m; other parameters are same as above.
But the crucial institution that maintained the bisectional Constitution of peace was the Jacksonian Democratic Party, and to a lesser degree the national Whig Party.
Nevertheless, between 1820 and 1850, under what Graber calls the "modified constitution," the slaveholding republic was maintained by the "combination of representatives with Southern sensitivities, presidents with bisectional coalitions, and proslavery majorities on the federal bench" (p.
The final marks of Holt's revisionism are his contentions that long into the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln's goal was to "destroy the Republican party as it existed in 1860" and to restore a bisectional Whig party, that Lincoln meant the Emancipation Proclamation not so much to free slaves as to coax rebels to return to the Union in order to avoid fleeing their slaves, that far from essentially agreeing with congressional Republicans about the aims of the war (although often disagreeing about the means), Lincoln differed from them fundamentally.
Rather, it uses a simple bisectional algorithm to solve the effective-stress-function directly.
through [judicial] interpretation and the various bisectional compromises...." (62) They build on other scholars' proposals that formal "constitutional amendments have not been an important means of changing the constitutional order" in light of alternative, informal means.
"Unfortunately, until today, despite its rhetoric support towards the negotiating process, the Turkish policy when it comes to Cyprus remains old-age, bisectional and threatening," said Karamanlis.