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As the Poincare bisector can only exist if y G ^, the case y G PSU2 (C) is excluded in the following.
The Internal Bisector Problem is extremely difficult to prove using the classical theorems of Euclid, though it can be done.
The ranking order of the countries allows the concentration curve to go either above the bisector (if the most needy receive proportionately more aid than the less needy) or below (if the opposite occurs).
Two diagrams of bisectors with directions given by formant tilts from the male and the female voices are shown in Fig.
angle bisector, perpendicular bisector, replicating shapes, regular n-gons for n equal to 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8)
Discrete bisector function and Euclidean skeleton in 2D and 3D.
As explained in Sections 2 and 7, the range and cross-range resolutions are vectors in direction of bisector and iso-range of the system, as shown in Fig.
ECcj] are the average weights of the edges that belong in the min-cut bisector of clusters [C.
However, once the ground fighting got under way, there was a terrain bisector just north of Israel's border with Lebanon that was analogous to the FSCL in its effect on the efficiency of joint operations.
There are many defuzzification methods, such as centre of gravity (COG), bisector of area (BOA), mean of maxima (MOM), leftmost maximum (LM), and rightmost maximum (RM), etc.
The discrimination capacity of each variable is given by their variability in the dimensions of the analysis, so a variable located on the bisector of the graph of discrimination, or near, indicates that it is significant in both dimensions.
s], [product sum], [cross product]), and let P be a point lying on side BC of the gyrotriangle such that AP is a bisector of gyroangle [?