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This exploration of the perpendicular bisector consists of two parts.
subjects (triangles, bisectors, with Euclidean geometry and conics with
For any such circle, its center is equidistant to the two edges that it touches and is therefore on the bisector of the two edges.
First, they learned to use a compass and a straight edge to construct several figures, including equilateral triangles, regular hexagons, perpendicular bisectors, and parallel lines.
As in the plane, Voronoi edges lie on perpendicular bisectors of Delaunay edges in the sphere.
Everyone knows that the medians of a triangle are concurrent, as are the altitudes and the perpendicular bisectors of the sides.
Angle bisectors, midpoints, perpendiculars are all straightforward "constructions" for the paper folder.
Discrete bisector function and Euclidean skeleton in 2D and 3D.
Several techniques have been explored to improve the determination of markers of elliptical objects: the use of the elliptical distance in place of Euclidean distance (Talbot and Appleton, 2002), the bisector (Meyer, 1979) or conditional bisector (Talbot and Vincent, 1992) functions, etc .