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The planned route of the northern portion of the Beltway bisects the property from east to west.
Tioga Pass Road, which bisects Yosemite National Park, is closed in winter.
In one of the nine canvases here, the phrase HONEST ARTISTS floats like a barge along a river; in another, a row of tall, narrow, rainbow-hued letters reading NASCAR TIT SHIRT bisects an autumnal forest clearing.
Studio Granda's main move bisects the two wings in plan with an angular spine that follows the line of the original pier for the port of Reykjavik.
In addition, the plant incorporates a barge system for coal delivery, rather than taxing the township's single railroad line, which bisects the township.
On the Promenade Mall, which bisects the street where Weller's fatal drive took place, some of the stores closest to the tragedy remained closed.
In the former, a wide, thick swath of silvery paint bisects the canvas diagonally from the left, like a Barnett Newman zip gone awry.
The site is inscribed within a circle of 28m diameter astride a central path, which bisects the aviary structure into two symmetrical volumes.
The Mall is right off I-75, which bisects a booming residential and commercial corridor and is the main route for millions of tourists annually heading to Northern Michigan for vacations.
In addition to its proposing buses, not preferable high-speed rail cars, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority-approved east-west route does not include a stop at Oxnard Street and White Oak Avenue, a main north-south artery that 1) directly feeds into the Ventura Freeway, 2) bisects our tract, Encino Park, at the center of which is the Encino Post Office, which makes a station at White Oak all the more important, and 3) amounts to final injury and insult to the needs of Encino Park since the Encino Park Improvement Committee first voiced them in 1980 and consistently thereafter to the MTA and all ``interested parties.
In Untitled, 1999, two rows of trees made of contact paper bracket a white box, seeming to diminish forever into two of its sides, only reaching alignment along the walls of a narrow hallway that bisects the sculpture.
Water is an important defining element; a long canal bisects the site lengthways and the great rectangle of the central parterre is also enclosed by narrow channels of water.