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DIOCESE, eccl. law. The district over which a bishop exercises his spiritual functions. 1 B1. Com. 111.

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The celebration is being organised by the Bishopric of Constantia and Famagusta, the Famagusta municipality and the Initiative Famagusta, Our City.
There is no doubt that my freedom to organise the khidma together with the others has greatly lessened after our church became part of the Northern Shubra Bishopric.
begun bishopric Government Throughout the dispute, Gerald had shown remarkable courage and tenacity, but, by the end of 1203, he had struggled enough.
This suggests that there was a stone church in Aberdeen already, thus the new bishop, Nechtan, who had come at the monarch's request from the old bishopric of Mortlach (modern-day Dufftown) in Banffshire, concentrated on planning a cathedral for Old Aberdeen instead.
The main reason was that there was no Maronite Archdiocese in Syria until the beginning of the 1960s when Patriarch Boulos Boutros el-Meouchi headed the Church in Lebanon and when the first Maronite bishopric was established in Aleppo in Syria.
William Morgan was appointed Bishop of Llandaff in 1595 and moved to the bishopric of St Asaph in 1601.
Archbishop of Bishopric Church and a delegation accompanying him, during which
There were many churches in Myndos Ancient City which was used as bishopric center in Byzantium or early Christianity periods, Sahin said.
With all sorts of of space and killer views--plus festive decorating, a giant bar (right down to little bowls of nuts and M & Ms) and a sliver of moon shining down--the rooftop space transformed into a cool, open-air cocktail lounge for Rock the Roof, a brand-new event for the hospital's Bishopric Medical Library.
It shows how Ireland as a nation and the Church here has matured from the days when he was hounded from his bishopric.
Lordship, Reform, and the Development of Civil Society in Medieval Italy: The Bishopric of Orvieto, 1100-1250.
As an otherwise undistinguished clergyman, this and his support for James II's Declarations of Indulgence seems to have been his only qualification for promotion to a bishopric in 1687.